Where Old World Meets New World

In 2006, Pillitteri Estates Winery’s founders Gary and Lena Pillitteri commissioned the creation of the 23 stainless steel chairs which now hang on the walls of our barrel cellar. The chairs symbolically tell the story of the past, present and future of the Pillitteri family, and add a “new world” element our barrel cellar’s old world ambiance. The Exclamation Cellar Series wine depicts the original architectural drawing of the ‘King’s Chair,’ the largest of the family chairs hanging in our barrel cellar. This elegant feature, a prominent element to the Pillitteri family story, hints at the quality of wine enclosed within each uniquely shaped bottle.

Reserve Classified

Exclamation wines come only from grapes grown in the best vintage years. These wines are exemplary of the commitment that Pillitteri has made to producing world-class wine. These wines are hand-selected by our Winemaker, Aleksandar Kolundzic as his personal favourites and are treated as such by him during their production.