2019 Racina Sunset Rosé

2019 Racina Sunset Rosé

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A fresh aroma immediately fills the glass with characters of fruit salad.  Tropical fruits, strawberries and candied apple are most prominent while subtle hints of peach and plum follow.  The palate bursts with tropical fruit.  Banana, Starfruit, citrus, peach, plum and strawberry follow the first sip.  This rosé is soft and refined, yet you can clearly feel the body of the Select Late Harvest Cabernet, holding the structure together in balance of acidity and sweetness.  This rosé sips like a tropical sunset in the Caribbean.

This rosé is best served chilled and drinks well on its own.  It does however pair well with seasonal fruits like strawberries, cherries, raspberries and later in the season, peaches, pears and plums.  Have it with a mixed green salad topped with raspberries, slivered almonds and goats cheese or barbecue salmon filets.  For something heavier - spin-up a rotisserie chicken with herbed, long grain rice and a seasonal vegetable medley.

Technical Information:

Appellation: VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake

Blend: 81% Cabernet Franc, 19% Cabernet Franc Select Late Harvest

Alcohol: 12.5% ABV

Residual Sugar: 23 g/L