Canada’s Gift to the World

Icewine is a sweet wine produced from grapes naturally frozen on the vine and pressed while frozen at -8oC. Ontario’s microclimate is uniquely suited to the annual production of Icewine as warm summers allow grapes to ripen while cold harsh winters allow natural freezing on the vine. Ontario produces 80% of the world`s Icewine and is the market lead in the category.

Pillitteri Icewine

Icewine is a Pillitteri flagship product. Half of the wine produced at Pillitteri is Icewine. Typical aromas of Icewine include apricot, honey and citrus for whites and cherry, strawberry, and chocolate for reds. Icewine makes an excellent dessert wine and pairs with many savory foods. Pillitteri Estates Winery is the world’s largest estate Icewine producer.

Pillitteri Reserve Icewine

Pillitteri Reserve Icewines are rare and exceptional wines from Canada. Reserve Icewines undergoe maturation in oak barrels. Like table wines, Icewine matures and gains complexity and aromas from oak. All Pillitteri reserve classified Icewine is placed in custom designed bottles embossed with 24kt. gold.

Reserve Icewine Classification

For an Icewine to reach reserve classification it must meet a minimum of 38 degrees Brix at harvest. In addition, reserve Icewine meets strict winegrowing and winemaking standards: residual sugar, acidity and alcohol must be balanced in perfect harmony.